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About Us

Welcome to Triyd Wholesale

Triyd Wholesale is your premier destination for top-notch wholesale products spanning various industries. Whether you operate a retail store, restaurant, manufacturing unit, or wholesale business, we’ve got you covered with a diverse range of products including Vape, CBD/Hemp, Legal Mushrooms, Furniture, Electronics, and more.

We’re more than just a supplier, we’re your strategic partner, dedicated to enhancing your success and facilitating growth.

Triyd Team


To establish and nurture genuine, long-term customer relationships, contributing to the growth of each customer's business.


To provide all the essential products and services necessary for starting and expanding our customers' businesses.


Our values include doing the right thing, leadership, honesty, loyalty, trust, respect, quality, and teamwork – guiding principles evident in every interaction.

Why Choose Us

Versatile Experience

Our journey goes beyond traditional wholesale distribution. We’ve been brand owners, product formulators, and even FDA-registered manufacturers. This diverse background ensures a nuanced understanding of your business needs.

Commitment to Quality

Quality isn’t just a promise; it’s embedded in our values. At Triyd Wholesale, we believe in doing the right thing, leading with integrity, and fostering a culture of honesty, loyalty, trust, respect, and teamwork.

B2B Expertise​

Specializing in business-to-business relationships, Triyd Wholesale understands the unique demands of retail stores, smoke/vape shops, and more. Our focus is on building enduring relationships, comprehending your specific needs, and delivering tailored solutions.

Your All-in-One Partner​

Triyd Wholesale takes pride in being your comprehensive solution, not only for current products like smoke and vape but also for future needs. From shelves, lights, and furniture to additional services like merchant accounts and insurance – we are your partner in setting up and maintaining your entire store.

Let's get you started!

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